Discussion: A question of terminology.

May 15th, 2013 - 

Names should be chosen wisely, since the labels we assign tend to reflect our ideas and concepts of the very thing we name. Yet obviously, there are many valid ideas, perspectives and intu­itions. The name we would like to discuss stands for a network relation on artoporta that is currently labeled “Fan”. Is this appropriate? Read on, get involved, have your say. We look forward to your contributions.


A Question of Terminology.


THE FEATURE | On artoporta, the Fan relation is a unilateral connec­tion. Unlike Partners and Contacts, the Fan connection can be estab­lished by any member of artoporta without prior request and approval.

Fans receive updates about all the public activity of the artists, ensem­bles and institutions they follow, e.g. new events or media files. Whenever you post a status update, you can also chose whether to publish exclusively for your Partners and Contacts or for the general public. In the latter case, your status update will also appear in the news feeds of all your Fans.

To become someone’s Fan is thus a great way to stay up to date about the artists, ensembles and institutions you care about.


THE QUESTION | Besides being a useful way to stay up to date, we also intended the Fan relation to make a state­ment: It shows appreciation for someone’s artistic work. Yet, it has been brought to our attention that the term might be too strong, that there might be a certain hesitation or reluc­tance to call yourself someone’s Fan. What is your position on this matter?


THE DISCUSSION | We aim to create the best possible platform for all of us. Since this issue of terminology is basically a question of opinion, we put it to you. Would you prefer a more neutral and descriptive term like e.g. Follower? Do you appreciate the term Fan with all it’s connotations of affection and enthusiasm? Or would you suggest a different solution?

Use the comment section below to let us know what you think. Or take the discussion to our Facebook page, where we have set up a poll for this question. Get involved! We appreciate your input.