365 days later

December 1st, 2012 - 

Hard to believe, but this is our first anniversary. On december 1st last year, we launched the first version of artoporta. A lot has happened since that day. In some areas, less than we would have hoped for. In others, far more than we could have imagined. And artoporta is still just a baby. It is just getting started. Happy birthday!

The past few months have been very busy behind the scenes, although the silence on the surface may have implied otherwise. Right now, we are laying the foundations for the future development of artoporta on all levels:  technically, strategically, economically. Next year will see new major features, support for additional languages and the need to bring in new faces to extend our team. A new step in our evolution that we are looking forward to. Very much indeed.

But 2012 is not over yet. And if you have been very good this year, we might just have a special little something for you even before Christmas…