Howto: Creating ensemble profiles

June 3rd, 2013 by d.b.  - 

Ensemble profiles are great to illustrate your activities, to present your projects and to feature the wonderful artists you are working with. Setting up an ensemble profile is fast & easy. 


Create Ensemble Profiles.

1 Create the profile | If you have an artist profile, start right away: just click on “create ensemble profile” on your profile to the right.

2 Provide the name | Provide the ensemble’s name and chose the type of ensemble you wish to create. Click “Create”.

3 Add information | You end up on your shiny new profile. Simply add information and media content – just the way you are used to from your own profile. Write something about your ensemble, chose your genres, publish events, add galleries, videos and audio samples. Make visitors curious about your work and let them discover what you do.

That is it, you are done.


But wait: of course, there is more. In a professional network, things get most interesting when we actually – you know: connect! That is where the magic starts, the power of the network takes hold and relevant information is generated from a multitude of tiny actions and interactions.

So we encourage you to go one important step further:

4 Get connected | Let all the members connect with their ensemble. The individuals behind the ensemble are thus featured on the ensemble profile. Conversely, the ensemble is featured on every member’s profile.

Artists are discovered via their ensembles, ensembles are discovered via their individual artists. All in all, this weaves a network of mutual projects and collaborations that wonderfully illustrates professional activities.

Connecting members has other perks, too. For example, every new event you create for your ensemble automatically shows up on any member’s calendar as well. And if a member should not want a particular event on his or her calendar, it can of course easily be removed.

Right now, there are two ways to connect with an ensemble: invite or request.

Invite | Visit the profiles of your members and click on “invite to en­sem­ble”. Once the members confirm your invitation, they are connected.

Request | Let your members visit the ensemble profile and click on “artist request”. Once you confirm their requests, they will be connected.


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