Giant steps

March 20th, 2013 - 

Every now and then, you have to revisit your ideas, to challenge your concepts. The last few weeks, we have been doing just that. And it is very rewarding, too. To start with something good, only to end up with something great. Have a good look at the next step in the evolution of artoporta.


We created an elegant and reduced interface, throwing everything overboard that was not strictly necessary. Now, your beautiful content is more than ever in the focus of attention. You need fewer clicks to use artoporta. Everything is easier accessible. Instant inline feedback provides a smooth interaction experience. Last but not least, we made room for the wonderful future upgrades that we are currently working on.

We set the stage for you, now make the best use of it. Upgrade your profile, add events and media files. Invite colleagues and partners to join your professional network. Present your activities and collaborations. Enjoy.