Something green

February 9th, 2012 - 

The sum total of minor actions and omissions can make quite a difference. Especially, when it comes to questions of respon­sible use of resources and environmental protection. At artoporta, we are committed to act accordingly.

All our servers are powered with 100% hydro energy – eco-friendly and free of carbon dioxide emissions. In our offices and datacentre alike, we use exclusively technologies with highest energy efficiency. Additionally, the entire paper consumption – including our infor­mation material – is covered by recycling paper, printed in a specially resource-efficient process and carbon-neutral thanks to CO2 compensation.

It’s in the details.

Informative connections

February 2nd, 2012 - 

Social networks confront us with an excess of connections. Yet, since the term “friend” in this context covers everything from intimate lovers to random guys met on the bus one day, what can we learn from them? And is a person with 900+ friends very well connected – or just not all too picky?

Illustration: types of connections on artoporta

At artoporta, we have a different approach, trying to make the visualisation of interpersonal connections more meaningful. That is why we offer three types of connections with distinct qualities and intended uses:


Partners are people that have worked together or are currently working together. Partners are displayed on public profiles to illustrate the background and context of artistic work. So, if you discover the profile of a new artist you do not know yet, you might still know his or her partners – either personal or by reputation. This specific connection thus provides convenient additional information for a first assessment.

The idea: good artists work with good artists. The partner-connection thus weaves a web of trust, helping to maintain a high level of quality on artoporta. So ideally, confirm a partner request when you would feel comfortable working with the requesting person again.


Contacts are people that interact with each other on a frequent basis or that simply want to stay in touch. Friends, colleagues, potential allies for future endeavours and so on. These connections are less defined or restricted and rather personal in character, so they are not displayed on public profiles and only visible for logged in members of artoporta.


Fans are people that want to express their sympathy or admiration for the work of others. They also receive the latest information about the persons, ensembles or institutions they follow to keep them up to date. Unlike contacts and partners, this is a one-way connection that does not require a request and confirmation.