Inspiring encounters

January 27th, 2012 - 

One of the most enticing aspects of working for artoporta is the frequent opportunity to meet enthusiastic people, learn about great projects and get involved in creative processes in a multitude of ways.

Yesterday, we met with Steven and Petra from PODIUM – Young European Music Festival Esslingen. In the beginning, the creative minds behind PODIUM pondered a fundamental question concerning the presentation and perception of classical music in society:

“Why is it that such all-embracing, richly diverse music has been stuck with such an impoverished and unimaginative concert culture?”

Instead of moaning, they took matters in their own hands and started to provide an alternative. In 2009, PODIUM Festival was born as a young and modern way to celebrate classical music: curious, open for new formats, unafraid of experiments. The entire team behind PODIUM are volunteers, the average age is 23 years, the level of professional experience was accordingly low.

Nevertheless, they did not only succeed in having a single event – PODIUM established a highly regarded annual festival. And recently, they are literally showered with prizes and awards – which makes us especially happy, since it proves that enthusiasm and commitment will lead to great work, and great work is appropriately appreciated. And successful, obviously. We are looking forward very much to working with this team and supporting them in any way we can.

More to come, stay tuned for further updates.

What is this all about?

January 26th, 2012 - 

artoporta is a great new tool for the performing arts, making everybody’s life easier. Musicians, actors, dancers, employers and institutions are united on one professional platform. Across art forms, genres, borders and boundaries.

When we started out, our basic goal was pretty simple: bringing the right people together, people in need of each others skills, ideas, jobs or advice. Creating a place, where artists are comprehensively supported in their daily work, where creativity could flourish without restrictions.

And though it proved to be a herculean task, we set out to do just that: artoporta will be the place where it is easy to find the artists, partners or institutions you are looking for. Where you present your work and illustrate your artistic activities. Where you get in touch easily, establish contacts and build professional networks. Where you either find or publish jobs in a professional, respectful environment. Where discussion, mutual inspiration and creative collaboration flourish.

The more artists we will gather in this place, the greater will be the benefit for any single member. More encounters, more projects, more opportunities. Since this is our conviction, we want to make artoporta available to every performing artist.

This results in two fundamental decisions: firstly, artoporta will always be useable free of charge and secondly, it will be open to multiple art forms, which makes it a unique place for exchange and mutual inspiration. Additionally, the international scope facilitates mobility, exchange and collaboration across borders and boundaries.